Thursday, October 28, 2010

KL 22-24 October

Long long time no go kl already....since sis chenly move to butterworth...
We went to kl to attending relative's wedding... 12 of us in 1 bus travel to kl....

synny was cant keep quite or sleep inside the bus @@ too active adi...
somemore got 2 indians said "u so cute, talk from bw till kl and why u beh kun"....
the indians can talk xD

We saw 2 accidents during the bus travel =/
the second accidents is serioussss~~ RIP~
and then is our bus got happen also...
OMG~ the bus driver sudden drive very very slow and keep to the left lane...
we all felt weird because of that...sis chenly walk in front and ask wat happen, she very angry v it and scold then the driver only want stop the bus ><
our HERO of the day~ haha =D
but so sui...the bus's crash was brooke...and we change bus...take more than 5 hrs to reach kl ==

We went to a very nice and beautiful hotel...Palace Of The Golden Horse
Joeyee said all my friends were inside there...because of the hotel got many display of horses inside == and then we start photo here photo there =D ( will upload photo when i free :) )

Daddy said want fetch us go shopping...LOVE u DAD~~! =D
So, me and joeyee slip out to mom and relatives continue v their wedding session...
So excited when see so many things at there....and it is cheap...but i hv not enough time to shop all shops ><
will go again on december =))

Taufufa~~ =))

Addicted v this "Tang Yuan" taufufa~~ =)
It taste niceeeee~~! Like it~~ =D
almost One week eat One time...hehe
this shop is located some where near to the Sunga Dua, Tesco...beside dim sum restaurant...
Oh ya, the nasi lemak not bad also... =p

the ingredients inside the tang yuan is red bean...and got pandan taste also....nice nice =))

Busy Time~ @@

Recently I am busy v my assignmentssss and din hv time to updated my blog... they go the "place" discuss ass again >< can?? is CANNOT lo ==!!!
I really dislike last minutes work...but....haizzz.... I cant go sleep well if the work haven't done....
Peoples like to blame lai blame ki if the work not done well isnt...will only start feel scare if the work cant finish ><

Yesterday our mgt having a only need a member of the group to do presentation...and Chun Sean said he will represent our group...I felt glad and disembarrass when he told me that :)
During the presentation, he can talk smooth and well....after he finish present, lecturer keep compliment he is EXCELLENT~!! good job =D **clap clap **
really thanksss to him for is a big big differents v the others......................... =(

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Model of the day~! =D

BEFORE (hairstyle exam)

AFTER (hairstyle exam)
Exam theme: Angel Look~ =D
(for me, my face...doens't look like ANGEL also...@.@, but sis chenly did a good job~~!! =))

Be sis chenly’s model of her final exam of hairstyle…my first time again…hehe :)

She felt very nervous on tat day, but I felt fun and enjoy..nice experience for me =D

Although is just a hairstyle exam, but her teacher wants them make-up for their own model first before start do hair…so both of us start our make up at home~!

~ after finish exam, we went to sis's home take some photos...hahaha xD

all photos credit by sis Chenly :)

groups photo~ with students, models and the only guy- teacher =)

sis Chenly & me~♥
Congratzzzz to sis Chenly~~!! graduate yr courses adi =))

Friday, October 15, 2010

My First Blog ever =)

Hello everyone :)
This is my first time write blog~~!! so excited...LOL =D
start from now and today, i gonna share my "simple story and simple life" here =)
and welcome to everyone to leave a comment here...
I am still learning the layout and settings on my blog >
it is complicated for me *.*
btw, i will try to updated my blog always~!
Goood Nitezzz :)